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Did you feel that?  The road of technological advancement just took a jolting, sharp turn. Heretofore driven by economic need, entertainment or even utility, digital technology and innovation are veering in a different direction.

Note that the greatest and most powerful digital innovations & social media (yes, you Facebook) do not streamline, simplify or add much utility to our life.  From here on out, interconnectedness is technology’s new driver.

Communicating quickly, efficiently, authentically, or creatively our inner thoughts, moods, dreams, consumer tastes, and even snapshots of our meals, is not just a leitmotif. Sharing, connecting, organizing our media output and organizing ourselves into likeminded communities is the way of the future.

Here are 5 apps that take their primary purpose to the next level with clever community component integration.

Moodpanda, an emotion-tracking app, has a world feed which displays an aggregated global mood reading so you can see how your current mood and previous patterns compare.

Insight Timer is a very simple app (essentially a Tibetan singing bowl timer) with a clever community component.  After a timed meditation, with a tap and a swipe, users are connected with other meditators across the globe to send messages of thanks and gratitude for “meditating together.”  There’s nothing like a kind word from a likeminded stranger and feeling a part of a community while engaged in a solitary activity.

SuperBetter is a multiplayer game with a gigantic community established expressly for peer support through various recoveries.  Community and interconnectedness is an integral component of this app since players are required to share coping techniques and daily recovery progress.

Dreamboard has an easy interface to let you record & analyze your dreams immediately upon awakening.  Share or tweet your unfiltered ego’s nocturnal storytelling with your social circles, while the company tracks dream trends across the globe.

Aurasma, an augmented reality browser straight out of childhood sci-fi dreams, relies on good old fashioned, “Wow! Hey look at this!”  real-time interpersonal communication.  The technological novelty necessitates every user tell everyone they’ve ever met about the experience and novelty sparks an evitable connection.