A friend of ours has a monthly kindness ritual that we admire.  He throws his spare change in jar on the dresser, like we all do.  But once a month he bundles the change up into small plastic bags that total a few dollars each. And then he stuffs his coat pockets full and distributes these little parcels to anyone who looks like they need a couple bucks.

Really, there isn’t anyone in the world who couldn’t use a couple of well-timed dollars.

While money is an obvious instant kind gift, sometimes budgets are pushed to the max. Though we would like to give, maybe there just isn’t enough left over to surprise more than one random person.

Luckily there are ways to give that don’t cost a thing and have just as much, if not more, impact.

In a world where our fellows are often short on hope, self-esteem, friendship, faith, or love, money is not the only currency.

Here are 10 Kindness Bombs you can drop on random strangers and make their day.

Kind words can heal. And kind words are free.  So for today’s Random Act of Kindness Monday, please give generously.