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The happiness trajectory of your life is shaped like a U.  The nadir, or least happiest point of your life, falls at (surprise, surprise) midlife.  Studies show that things pick up from there. It seems counter-intuitive at first.  But as Maurice Chevalier remarked so succintly “old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.”

In this TED talk, Dr. Matt Killingsworth finds a not just a corollary, but a causal relationship between ruminating and unhappiness.  Think twice before you let yourself, well, think twice.

While setting your resolutions, you might wonder if you’re not setting yourself up for failure.  According to this article, only 8% of Americans achieve their resolutions within a 6-month period. The author suggests taking a more generic route and with a resolution to be simply “happier” and offers 10 strategies to aid in one resolution you can achieve the very first day of the year.

And here are ten more strategies for creating and sustaining long-term happiness.