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I am a baby sloth. I am so cute I make your neurons curl.

There are many ways to cultivate empathy and compassion in our daily lives, and get this, some of them don’t involve working at a soup kitchen or leper colony. According to Jane McGonical in this fascinating TED talk, looking at photos of baby animals on your computer evokes empathy and works to rewire your neural pathways for a happier, more resilient brain.

In the spirit of end-of-the-year handy-list format round-ups, we bring you the best of the cute baby animals of 2012.

Now get rewiring.

The Discovery Chanel knows their cute baby animals.

Baby guinea pigs in espresso cups alert

Our personal favorite go-to site, Emotipugs.com.  All pugs, all day. Many of them in little sweaters.

And raising the bar as they aways do, Mashable brings us 25 Animals Dressed Like Other Animals.