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Recently identified “mirror neurons” suggest that we’re really wired not for brutal, self-preservation but for sociability, companionship, affection, and that our primary drive is the drive to belong.

Old paradigms for prestige, power and dominance fall by the wayside as the world gets smaller and we become more empathic.  Ironically, the evolution of empathy is based on our frailty, not our strength. It exists as an integral part of our humanness.

Empathy as an evolutionary progression has an interesting implication in favor of the world getting smaller (and one would assume in favor of technology and the Internet…The Great Kingdom Without Borders).  It all underscores our interconnectedness. The closer the connection, the closer the emotion, the more profound our empathic response.

(Full disclosure: We love the RSA with the fiery passion of a million burning suns.  We especially love their “RSA Animates” series).