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While there are thousands of ancient texts about spiritual journeys, navigating the path to enlightenment in the technological age is without precedence.

But is it really so different?  Do computers, smartphones and 24/7 internet access help or hinder our interconnectedness?  Shouldn’t all this information literally at our finger times make enlightenment all the more accessible?  Or is it a great distraction from striving toward a higher purpose.

This article underscores and ways to integrate mindfulness while interfacing with, well, interfaces, and proposes Seven Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Technology Age.

Thousands of people will be meeting in San Francisco this February to discuss how to live with greater presence, meaning and mindfulness at Wisdom 2.0, an annual three-day conference that boasts panels of heavy hitters from the digital and ancient wisdom/new thought consciousness worlds.

And if you haven’t read it yet, we highly recommend the Dalai Lama’s book Ancient Wisdom, Modern World.