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The headline of this Huffington Post article reads Physicists Find Evidence That The Universe Is A ‘Giant Brain.’ 


The idea that humans are a small cog in a part of something bigger is nothing new. The scientific interest in the relationship between our physical manifestation and consciousness (i.e. where the brain ends then thought begins) is heartening.

This give rise to the question of one underlying growth trajectory law. For example, a physics (or metaphysical) law that explains both the big bang and unfolding of the universe and human inception/consciousness and soul evolution.

Facebook, your brain, the universe…they’re all the same.

Researchers ran a computer simulation of the universe’s history with growth compared to social networks and brain circuits and they found all these networks expanded in similar ways.

Quantum and string theorists have long been trying to reconcile for an all-encompassing Theory of Everything (TOE) an all-applicable law that applies to all aspects of physics & biology.

We here at Meaningful Mag prefer the term God to TOE, and hope that one day science will concur.