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ImageNine muses?  Where did you all go?

A video imaging of neural activity in a zebra fish larvae has been making the rounds of various pseudo-science websites as the first “thought” caught on camera.  While the technology is novel (and visually striking), this is simply another kind of brain scan, an alternative to the MRI, documenting visual stimulation of the introduction of prey.

We don’t really know if or what the fish larvae is thinking. We just know it’s sensing something.

There is nothing lost by the scientific exploration origin of inspiration and thought genesis.  But the contrast in explanatory paradigms between the Age of Science & Technology and the Classical Age could not be more different. Ancient philosophers thought muses brought divine inspiration or that sylph’s whispered into our thoughts.

And now we’re studying fish larvae.

Philosophy isn’t what it used to be.

This clever video shows the two types of thinking our brains use process information: Slow & Fast.  See how it is that we trip over our own minds so easily and leading to thoughts & decisions even a zebra fish could handle.