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There’s an interesting article called How To Land Your Kid In Therapy which brings up some very valid points….if one can overlook the presupposition that a kid in therapy is a bad thing.

As sure as death and taxes, at some point in life, everyone could benefit from therapy. What the article really concerns itself with is the coddling of children to the point of fostering narcissism in a misguided attempt to develop healthy self-esteem.

Notions and even the definition of happiness and self-esteem shift with the times, and so do parenting styles.  When all is said and done, love, security and attention, not too much and not too little, are all a child really needs from a parent.  The challenge lies in finding the balance, and the author writes as if “balance” is a tangible thing that actually exists.

Balance is aspiration, not an attainable goal. The best we can do is try, and in trying we accomplish the best.