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The world is dangerous, the economy is crashing, society is morally bankrupt, our food supply is tainted, politics are corrupt, and mass media are controlled by nefarious forces with malevolent agendas…


The good in the world far outweighs the bad.

While traditional media channels bombast us with fear-inducing content, it is likely more so out of habit than any real intention to perpetuate a fear-based state.  Forgive them, and move on.

But move on to what or where?

The lovely people at Public Interest Design have compiled this list/infographic, The Public Interest Design 100, of one hundred individuals and teams working at the intersection of design and service globally. Funders, visionaries, creators, educators, policy makers and more from around the globe with working plans and programs that improve places, products and processes around the world.

According to their website, “PublicInterestDesign.org is principally a blog about a growing movement at the intersection of design and service… Through a series of books, events  and exhibitions as well as the creation of new organizations and collaborations. Our hope with this new website is to share news and opportunities that the various stakeholders of the public interest design movement can take advantage of.

If that isn’t good news, then what is?